kids_in_a_crowd_seatedIn Eretz Yisroel, Shavuot is only one day so we have to eat as much cheese cake as possible in only… cheese cake and all our Shavuot activites.

The Torah is studied all night in Ma’arat HaMachpela. Danny took his turn giving Shiurim to the men and Batsheva to the ladies. Yom Tov morning, Chabad of Hevron had a special program for children on the outside plaza of the Ma’ara. Up until the Torah reading, Batsheva kept the children busy with saying Psukim, singing songs and listening to stories off to the side of the Chabad Minyan. Then it when it was time to hear the Ten Commandments they crowded around the Sefer Torah. And then, they all enjoyed their well earned ice cream.

Then back to the Chabad House porch for the Milchig meal of salads, quiches and cheese cakes. We deviated from the usual by hosting soldiers at the dairy meal, seventy of them.

It was unusual for the evening Yom Tov meal without a crowd of soldiers. Instead we hosted the Doctor from Bombay and his family. [See earlier news story.] It was very pleasant. They are amazing people and we hope to write more about them soon.

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