PLDl1349436Chabad Chassidim consider themselves to be lamplighters. We take the spark from the Lubavitcher Rebbe – his warmth and wisdom, his unparalleled love for the Jewish nation – and bring it to Jews wherever they are found. Chabad of Hebron reaches out to the Jews in Hebron, whether they are residents, security personnel or tourists. Because of the extensive Chabad history in Hebron, we also maintain the Chabad properties and keep them active in the way they were meant to be.

In 1986, Rabbi Victor Atiyah and his wife Devorah Nechama (Nachshon) opened their Chabad House to serve the Kiryat Arba/Hebron area. As the demands for Chabad activities grew, Victor invited Rabbi Danny and Batsheva Cohen to move to ‘downtown’ of Jewish Hebron in the summer of 2002 and establish Chabad of Hebron.

Being only ten years out of active service – when he served in a combat unit in the Givati Brigade – Danny began his shlichut feeling a deep connection to the soldiers on duty in Hebron. The soldiers feel his sincere concern and respond wholeheartedly to the programs that Danny has developed for them over the years.

A unique aspect of our shlichut is to tend to ancient Chabad properties. Starting with the Mittler Rebbe, Chabad Rebbaim purchased properties in Hebron. These were abandoned when the British expelled the Jews in the aftermath of the 1929 massacre of Jews by Arabs. Chabad of Hebron is proud to have restored, revamped and re-energized some of the more prominent properties and to use them for their intended purposes: learning Torah, davening and hosting Chassidic gatherings (and saying L’Chaim!)

Hebron is the place where our forefather Avraham first showed us the Mitzvah of welcoming guests. We find that we have a regular stream of tourists coming to Hebron to connect to their roots. While they are here we do our best to enhance that feeling of connectedness so that when they return to their communities they retain the richness of their heritage that they felt here in Hebron.

The wonderful people who live in Hebron are all religiously observant. But even religious people can use the encouragement and spiritual strengthening that Chabad Chassidut is famous for. We hold study groups and special programs for the adults and for children. We also provide charitable services for some of our local families who are struggling financially.

Although we operate as an independent entity – we are part of Chabad network to strengthen love for Torah and mitzvoth and to bring Mashiach Now!

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