20121002_111332dms-1Chabad of Hebron launched the New Year with a joyful, busy, and full Tishrei. Our busiest month of the year was packed with holidays, davening, tons of guest, and lots of outreach work with the local soldiers.

Many Rabbinical students were on hand for Rosh HaShanah, making the davening and holidays lively and powerful. Thanks to their efforts, hundreds of soldiers heard shofar. By Sukkos, however, we were on our own. So what do you do when you’re shorthanded and the Rabbi’s back goes out? Enlist the kids! The Cohen kids led the charge, well aware that the Rebbe was counting on them to shake lulav and esrog with local soldiers. In the merit of their non-stop efforts, countless soldiers and throngs of visitors took part in the mitzvos of Sukkot.

And besides the approving smiles, the kids got a prize: their own donkey! Want a ride? You’ll find the Cohen kids busy caring for their donkey in the make-shift stall they made and offering friends and visitors rides.

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