Thanks to “Artists 4 Israel”, a group of graffiti artists from around the globe who love Israel and visit cities such as Sderot and Ariel, are leaving their imprint. Hebron underwent two days of a facelift – from ugly duckling to colorful and exciting.
Our new look becomes us and will hopefully attract more people to the City of our Fathers. Graffiti on walls and buildings, biblical images along with NY style graffiti enhance the streets, giving Hevron a “cooler” image. Dear friend Stanley Aizenstark who introduced us to Artists 4 Israel and sponsored them, also paid for the paint! We take this opportunity to wish Stanley “Mazel tov” on his upcoming marriage to Edina in Yerushalayim.

The “graffiti project” reached the front pages in Israel, and, for a change, the report was favorable. Ynet published an interview with Rabbi Danny online. If you read Hebrew click here.


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