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Summer @ Chabad of Hebron

Mordechai Hellinger   08/31/2016   Comments

Ratz Chabad Reinforcements This summer, Chabad of Hebron brought in the reserves to work with our very popular Ratz Chabad program. Moishe Bell and Yosef David, who are spending their own vacation time in Hebron, have been volunteering as members of the Ratz Chabad team, bringing physical support and spiritual guidance to our local troops. Bar Mitzvah Celebrations in Hebron… Read more »

Chabad Tefillin Stand in the Mearat Hamachpela

Mordechai Hellinger   08/23/2016   Comments

Did you know that Chabad of Hebron has a very active Tefillin booth at Mearat Hamachpela? Yes, indeed it is true! Thanks to theĀ Turell family from CA, the booth is in full swing, serving soldiers and visitors alike. Rabbi Leibel Groner, the Rebbe’s personal secretary and a frequent visitor to Hebron stopped by to show his support.Ā And just this month,… Read more »

Looking forward to the upcoming year

Mordechai Hellinger   08/17/2016   Comments

We are really looking forward to soon welcome 8 rabbinical students that will be joining us for the coming year! Under the guidance of Rabbi Neymark and Rabbi Porter, the students will learn Smicha and get their Rabbinical ordination, while at the same time volunteering as Ratz Chabad (Chabad Runners). There are still 2 available slots, if you or someone… Read more »