Ever ponder over what gift to give to a Bar Mitzvah boy? In Hebron we ponder a Bar Mitzvah gift a different way. Our Bar Mitzvah boys are looking to give gifts of appreciation to the soldiers standing guard. Shmuel/Sam Liebowitz from California celebrated his Bar Mitzvah when it was summery weather in Hebron. He decided to deliver to the soldiers the best ice cream in Eretz Yisroel. If you have tasted ice cream in Eretz Yisroel, you will realize that the best is really delicious.

The father of the Bar Mitzvah boy, Ira Liebowitz comes with his rabbi – Rabbi Yossi Malka of Chabad of the Valley – to the annual Shabbaton on Parshas Chayei Sara in Hevron. His son Davened in Tefilin in Maaras HaMachpela, read from the Torah and got his first Aliyah.

After the services, the Bar Mitzvah guests split into five groups, each group getting into their own vehicle, each group with a certain area to cover. One of the groups included Shmuel’s mother Amy with the other women guests. They went with Batsheva. They took the ice cream, special delivery, to all the soldiers on duty in the area. Two hundred ice creams were given out!

The soldiers were thrilled with their Bar Mitzvah gifts and very touched that a Bat Mitzvah party from California was thinking about them. Back in Hebron the groups met again on the porch of the Chabad House and the grand bar-b-que began… after a satisfying job well done.


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