CH1_3Terrorists recently attempted an unprecedented coordinated detonation of two explosive devices near a Chabad of Hebron facility, according to an indictment presented by the IDF Prosecutor’s Office.

After the pair of terrorists, Hebron residents, threw a pipe bomb at an IDF patrol near the Chabad cemetery, additional units responding to the incident discovered a second, remotely-detonatable device on the gate entrance of the Chabad cemetery where the Chabad-run Kollel is located.

In an incredible double miracle, both devices failed to detonate.

“The Torah tells us not to rely on miracles. But in Hebron, we don’t rely on miracles, it’s just a way of life,” said Chabad’s Shaliach in Hebron, Rabbi Danny Cohen. “This double miracles does not deter us from our mission. On the contrary – regarding Hebron, the Lubavitcher Rebbe instructed that the way to conquer Hebron spiritually and physically is by learning Torah and Chassidus in Hebron.”

According to reports, the remotely controlled device was a 2kg gas balloon bomb filled with gunpowder, as well as screws and nails to increase injury.

“Having witnessed these miracles in the very place where Torah and Chassidut are studied daily, in a place that we’ve seen conquered for the good — it shows we’re doing something right. Our response is to strengthen and continue and increase the number of students learning there.”

Plans call for a seudat hoda’ah – meal of thanksgiving – this Thursday, 24 Shevat, following the annual prayer gathering marking the yahrtzeit for Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel. The event, which starts at 5pm at the Kollel alongside the cemetery, will honor Menucha Rochel – the matriarch of the historic Hebron community, and the daughter of the second Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Mitteler Rebbe. This year’s event is anticipated to be the biggest to date.

Join in the event and seudah, show your support, and help Chabad of Hebron fight back against terror. Or join in spirit by donating today to the Menucha Rochel Kollel, located in the most secure and strategic spot in Hebron. Help support crucial learning of Torah and Chassidus that literally saves and protects lives. Help us add more and more students, and combat terror with the light and holiness of Torah and Chassidut.


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