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Summer @ Chabad of Hebron

Mordechai Hellinger   08/31/2016   Comments

Ratz Chabad Reinforcements This summer, Chabad of Hebron brought in the reserves to work with our very popular Ratz Chabad program. Moishe Bell and Yosef David, who are spending their own vacation time in Hebron, have been volunteering as members of the Ratz Chabad team, bringing physical support and spiritual guidance to our local troops. Bar Mitzvah Celebrations in Hebron… Read more »

Simchas With Soldiers

Zalman Nelson   08/11/2015   Comments

For years, Chabad of Hebron has been using simchas to connect Jewish families from abroad with local, on-duty soldiers. Many families have visited us to celebrate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in grand, joyful style. Recently, we added Upshering to the list of events! The Lieberman Family of Crown Heights came to town and made a gala event in the… Read more »

Tennenbaum Bat Mitzvah With the Soldiers

Zalman Nelson   04/17/2013   Comments

North Miami Beach, Florida, native Liba Tenenbaum recently celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with Chabad of Hebron. After a tour of Hebron, Liba, her parents Zusha and Shulamis – long time friends of Chabad of Hebron – and relatives were joined by 60 female soldiers bussed in from their regional bases. Chabad’s new Kiryat Arba Beis Chaya Mushka Center hosted a… Read more »

A Special Welcome (and Bar Mitzvah) to the Givati Unit

Zalman Nelson   02/23/2011   Comments

Avraham Sutton from Brooklyn, New York, together with his family, celebrated his Bar Mitzvah with the newly arrived soldiers of the Givati unit. The soldiers, the Sutton family and everyone else who had the merit to participate in this BBQ and party will remember the day for years to come. And, Avraham Sutton will be able to tell his children… Read more »

Andruiser Bar Mitzvah in Hebron

Zalman Nelson   02/23/2010   Comments

The Andruiser family from California celebrated their son’s Bar Mitzvah in Hevron. Like any Bar Mitzvah, there was good food, good music and inspiring speeches… but the highlight of this Bar Mitzvah was not the amenities that usually make a Bar Mitzvah special… the uniqueness of this Bar Mitzvah was the guests… soldiers from the Shimshon Brigade, now serving in… Read more »