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Increase of soldiers = Increase in Light

Zalman Nelson   01/21/2016   Comments

Considering the heightened situation in the region, the IDF has dispatched many additional soldiers to the Hebron and surrounding areas. For Chabad of Hebron, this means an opportunity to touch the lives of many more! This really came into play on Chanukah as we gave out over 18,000 (yes, you read that right – EIGHTEEN THOUSAND) donuts and had over… Read more »

Kids Take Back Streets on Lag B’Omer

Zalman Nelson   05/21/2015   Comments

Lag B’Omer was celebrated in Chabad of Hebron style, lighting Hebron up with the joyful celebration of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai. The highlight: a massive tahalucha parade of children through the night, bearing torches, Jewish pride posters, smiles, and songs. Starting in Kiryat Arba, the parade transformed the weary streets for a night, into one of youthful song, warmth, and… Read more »

Massive Seder Coming to Hebron

Zalman Nelson   03/31/2015   Comments

After some recent meetings, it has been settled that Chabad of Hebron will conduct a massive, collective Pesach Seder for all local Border Police and IDF Units serving in Hebron. Expected to serve 300 brave men and women in service, the festivities will be hosted in the Gutnik Chabad Welcome Center at Me’arat HaMachpela, which recent came under Chabad of… Read more »

Must See: This Year’s Amazing Hakafot Shniyot in Hebron

Zalman Nelson   10/30/2014   Comments

The joy and dancing of Hebron’s Simchat Torah flowed right into an unbelievable Hakafot Shniyot celebration. Closed to Jews most of the year, the Yitchak Hall was open for the experience for only the second time, and it was packed. Buses headed in from all over Israel. Hakafot Shniyot is when Eretz Yisrael dances again to be in harmony with… Read more »

Wow…What A Purim!

Zalman Nelson   03/25/2014   Comments

The incredible energy of Purim in the City of the Patriarchs was captured by COL’s (Chabad Online) photographer, Mendy Hechtman. He was on hand as Chabad led Hebron’s Purim celebration with it’s traditional parade, Megilla readings, and infectious, joyful Purim spirit. In directing this year’s Purim festivities, Chabad of Hebron’s Rabby Danny Cohen was joined by Rabbis Yosi Nachson and… Read more »

Incredible Simchas Torah in Hebron

Zalman Nelson   10/01/2013   Comments

For the 12th year, and only the second time in Ulam Yitzhak, Chabad rocked Hebron for Hakafos Shnios. Joined by Jews from all over Israel, Chabad of Hebron filled the holy hall with simcha, l’chaim, and tons of dancing. Following a Simchas Torah loaded with joyful dancing, singing, and farbrengning that was fueled by more than 200 guests, the buses… Read more »