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Chabad Tefillin Stand in the Mearat Hamachpela

Mordechai Hellinger   08/23/2016   Comments

Did you know that Chabad of Hebron has a very active Tefillin booth at Mearat Hamachpela? Yes, indeed it is true! Thanks to the Turell family from CA, the booth is in full swing, serving soldiers and visitors alike. Rabbi Leibel Groner, the Rebbe’s personal secretary and a frequent visitor to Hebron stopped by to show his support. And just this month,… Read more »

Massive hakhel/pre Shavuot event

Mordechai Hellinger   06/10/2016   Comments

In accordance with the Rebbe’s initiative to gather together in the spirit of Hakhel, Chabad of Hebron held a special gathering for children in Mearas Hamachpeila. The event was right before Shavuos as the Rebbe stressed the importance of gathering Jewish children together in holy places, especially by Mearas Hamachpeila. Nearly 20 busloads of children from Hebron, Kiryat Arba and… Read more »

Must See: This Year’s Amazing Hakafot Shniyot in Hebron

Zalman Nelson   10/30/2014   Comments

The joy and dancing of Hebron’s Simchat Torah flowed right into an unbelievable Hakafot Shniyot celebration. Closed to Jews most of the year, the Yitchak Hall was open for the experience for only the second time, and it was packed. Buses headed in from all over Israel. Hakafot Shniyot is when Eretz Yisrael dances again to be in harmony with… Read more »