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Massive hakhel/pre Shavuot event

Mordechai Hellinger   06/10/2016   Comments

In accordance with the Rebbe’s initiative to gather together in the spirit of Hakhel, Chabad of Hebron held a special gathering for children in Mearas Hamachpeila. The event was right before Shavuos as the Rebbe stressed the importance of gathering Jewish children together in holy places, especially by Mearas Hamachpeila. Nearly 20 busloads of children from Hebron, Kiryat Arba and… Read more »

Kids Take Back Streets on Lag B’Omer

Zalman Nelson   05/21/2015   Comments

Lag B’Omer was celebrated in Chabad of Hebron style, lighting Hebron up with the joyful celebration of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai. The highlight: a massive tahalucha parade of children through the night, bearing torches, Jewish pride posters, smiles, and songs. Starting in Kiryat Arba, the parade transformed the weary streets for a night, into one of youthful song, warmth, and… Read more »

Hebron Youth Elevate A Soul

Zalman Nelson   02/11/2014   Comments

We send our condolences to our dear friend and partner, Roberto Szerer from Florida, after the recent passing of his mother – Sarah bat Shmuel. And Rabbi Itzik and the local boys of Chabad Youth jumped into action to send him even more. The group worked overtime, collectively completing the entire Mishnah in her honor and merit. And to celebrate… Read more »

Chabad of Hebron Launches Youth Initiative

Zalman Nelson   10/22/2013   Comments

Our highly anticipated youth program launched this month in Hebron to rave reviews from parents and children alike. Since the Rebbe’s approach is to fight the darkness in the world with light, Chabad of Hebron is investing in the local youth, with learning programs, contests, trips, prizes and tons of joyful inspiration. Stay tuned for updates as we fill the… Read more »