The eyes of the Jewish world are all turned to Hebron where searches continue for the three yeshiva boys who were abducted on June 12. The IDF’s efforts are heavily focused in the Hebron region, and in addition to our prayers, it has been a call to action for Chabad of Hebron.

In the past 72 hours, many volunteers have been added to the staff to help handle the needs of the close to 1,000 soldiers now here. Our team is making making constant rounds to ensure that every soldier is taken care of physically and spiritually. In addition to the tefillin campaign, Chabad of Hebron has launched a Pizza campaign to enable people with their small donation to make a huge difference for the soldiers. Your donations directly help us deliver pizza pies that send the soldiers a warm message that the whole Jewish world is behind them.

Click here and help the IDF bring our boys back.


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    Teshuva, tefilla, u’tzedaka | couponing in the holy land 06/23/2014

    […] they will be home by then).  If anyone is curious (or wants to join me), I will donate the sum to Chabad of Hebron, who is actively providing support to the influx of troops in the Hebron […]

    Sheri Mordokowicz 06/23/2014

    My prayers are said everyday for these young men. I am adding a Mezuzah in honor of them to my home. Also, I think since I like pizza I’ll donate one to the soldiers and order myself one.

    My heart hurts for these men.
    Sheri Mordokowic

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