hebron gaza soldiersAs the brave and courageous soldiers of the IDF continue the operation in Gaza to wipeout terrorism and restore safety and security in the region, the Chabad of Hebron Ratz Outreach Team has stayed by their side.

Thanks to your support and contributions, the team has distrubted hundreds of care packages, foodstuffs, toiletries, as well as our trademark tefillin, warmth, and smile. “We know we aren’t alone and that all Jews are with us,” said a soldier recently in response to getting a Ratz Team package.

We may not all be on the front lines physically, but we all can and do make a difference with our support. So, what can we do now that the soldiers have their basics? Some good food. Honestly.

Not that the army doesn’t provide the soldiers food. But you can’t compare it to warm shwarma in a pita, delivered with care and a smile that says: “We are all with you!” This week, the Ratz Chabad Team delivered hundreds of pita shwarmas to a really happy, grateful group of soldiers. Wow did it go fast!

The soldiers aren’t letting up, let’s not either. Click here to donate and join the effort. Every $12 you contribute is another shwarma and drink for a grateful soldier. And that means extra physical and emotional nutrition to help them fight for victory and peace. A simple click and they know you are with them and they are not alone in this war.



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