The menorah glow and all the doughnuts are gone, but it’s not too late to update you on the Chabad in Hebron Chanukah experience. Boasting a solid staff of Yeshiva boys for the entire week, we covered every solider post, and threw a party every night in a different base. Rabbi Victor joined in with a full show of his entertaining magic performance and Chanukah inspiration. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Ash family of South Africa, we attacked the city’s soldiers with doughnuts until they couldn’t see them no more…. For the ninth straight year the hilltop across from Abu Sneina glowed every night with the light of our massive menorah and illuminated the city. Thanks to the soldier convoy and bullet-proof escort van we fought off the darkness with Chanukah light. This year’s honored guest menorah lighters included our friends: Avraham and Miram hammer, and Moshe and Pinny Cukier.


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