youtube-logoAs worldwide media strains to portray Jewish soldiers as powerful brutes, a group of soldiers in Hebron boogied their way down an Arab street in full combat gear.

See for yourself how the soldiers change the screech from the local mosque to a sweet melody of rhythm and outright fun! [the video is embedded on the NEWS page only, go back one screen.

Apparently the higher-ups in the army cannot see the humor in the actions of the brave Hebron soldiers and are looking to serve them with punitive measures. The soldier/dancers are friends of Chabad of Hebron who come on Friday nights to share our Shabbos meal and add to our unique Friday night ambiance.

The Torah tells us that Simcha/Joy breaks through boundaries. Chabad of Hebron appreciates the spirit of Simcha that our soldiers generate. We are all soldiers in our fight to battle our personal challenges in these challenging times. May we learn from our soldier friends and dance together with them to greet Moshiach Now!


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