For years, the Cohen’s famous porch has been the Friday night place to be for local soldiers. No more! Just kidding…it’s been moved to Shabbat day. The Rebbe taught us to always assess our efforts and their outcomes, and look to improve. While many soldiers have been inspired by the Friday night meals, it’s a rather difficult time: higher alert levels; more soldiers on duty and unavailable; troop meetings and group meals on the base often occur on Friday nights; and a less relaxed atmosphere. So, we switched to Shabbat day – and that means the famous Cohen cholent! The switch met with great success and feedback on the first attempt on Shabbat Parshat Lech Lecha. Join on us for some cholent.

In other news, Chabad of Hebron has begun successful programming with the local base of Border Police, thanks to the efforts of new Shaliach, Rabbi Itzik Naimark. In the past, it was a struggle to engage the Border Police due to their more restrictive policy on interacting with civilians. With persistence, warmth, and a friendly smile, Itzik was able to make inroads and he and his wife have been successfully hosting groups from the local based for Shabbat meals in Kiryat Arba. Until now, it was the local soldiers who stole the spotlight. But this new initiative has groups of 10-15 Border Police participating in Shabbat meals and greatly appreciative. Way to go Itzik!


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