Following an incredible four months of service, good times, closeness, and hundreds of pounds of tasty bbq meat, Hebron bid farewell to the Golani unit as their tour of duty came to an end. The Chabad of Hebron Ratz Unit took a special liking to the unit, inspiring the soldiers to tons of learning, observance, and Jewish growth, and sharing many memorable times. In a farewell ceremony on Lag B’Omer night with all 500 of the unit’s soldiers, local IDF commanders and Golani unit commanders were thanked and awarded for their service. Next, the group turned its thanks to “the Commanders of Chabad,” calling Rabbis Danny and Itzik to the podium for appreciation and awards.

In typical Chabad of Hebron style, the Duchifat unit has been warmly welcomed, Ratz Chabad style, with pizza parties, bbq events, tefillin, learning, and loving care. We’re looking forward to a great four months with the unit.


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