The Kfir unit said their goodbyes after five months of dedicated service to Hevron’s security. The have been replaced by Nachal. Representatives of the unit’s various platoons visited us to voice their appreciation for our efforts and friendships. More than most units, Kfir enjoyed a large number of barbeques as well as gift distributions from diaspora visitors who came to Hevron to celebrate a simcha with the soldiers.

The new unit, Nachal 931, is full of familiar faces. Many of its current commanders were simple solidiers eight years ago when the unit was last on tour in Hevron. And things have picked up right where they left of, as Nachal’s high command personally know the importance of Chabad’s services to the soldiers: boosted morale, stronger Jewish identity, and a more successful tour of duty. Mazel tov to Ira and Amy Leibowitz who recently threw an ice cream party for the soldiers in honor of their son, Max’s, Bar Mitzvah. It’s their second Bar Mitzvah celebration in Hevron with Chabad and the soldiers.


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