Abrahams Tent-1Hope you can join us for Hebron’s Torah portion: Chayei Sarah – where it all began. Chabad of Hebron is revving up its guests services to help accommodate the more than 20,000 guests expected to be in town. Jews of all ages and kinds will be on hand to spend time with their Fathers and Mothers for Shabbat. The schedule includes a huge farbrengen on the porch Friday night and women’s farbrengen Shabbat day.

And even if you can’t be here, it’s a great time to make a donation and support our efforts to feed visitors physically and spiritually. In the gracious spirit of Avraham’s open tent, Chabad of Hebron is not charging for its hospitality – let people bless and pray, instead of pay. Click here to donate now and partner with Avraham and Sarah.

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