The Duchifat Brigade said an emotional goodbye to the Hebron community with the conclusion of their six-month tour-of-duty. Filling a local hall to capacity, the celebration and send-off featured recognition of Chabad of Hebron’s efforts with the soldiers, who came to be like family during their time here.

Be it doing laundry or light repairs in the Cohen home, our soldier outreach efforts, or the wildly successful birthday campaign, The units’ time here was a huge success – physically and spiritually. Several soldiers were surprised on their birthdays with parties featuring family members who drove in special for the event.

And the surprises went to a whole new level two weeks ago, when Nadav, the platoon commander, was called for an “emergency” in the lights-off dining hall. Only to turn on the lights and find 200 soldiers and the Chabad staff in hiding, jump out and celebrate his birthday. Farewell Duchifat!


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