3,692 years after our father Abraham purchased the Cave of Machpela, we are excited and honored to announce the arrival of a new Chabad Shaliach to The Mearat Hamachpela! Rabbi Yoni Attiya with his wife Chani and daughter Ahavati joined the staff here at Chabad, serving the tens of thousands of visitors to Judaism’s 2nd holiest site with Tefillin, smiles and words of inspiration.


Rabbi Yoni, son of veteran Shaliach Rabbi Victor and grandson of the world-renowned Baruch Nachshon, was born and raised in Kiryat Arba, growing up in the spirit of Shlichus in the city. Once he finished his studies, Yoni joined the IDF and was stationed in Hebron. It’s only natural that he would continue his connection to the city, in this new chapter of its history.

We would like to bless Rabbi Yoni with much success in his new undertaking.

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