Chabad of Hebron’s Ratz Chabad Smicha Program recently completed its first year with tremendous success and rave reviews. In total, seven bachurim tested and received their ordination from Rabbi David Meir Drukman – Rav of Kiryat Motzkin. Chabad of Hebron staff member, Rabbi Itzik Niemark, did a masterful job directing the students; overseeing their balance between intensive learning in Me’arat HaMachpela and dynamic soldier outreach activities.

The program is already looking forward to next year, with an expected increase up to 10 bachurim. The group will continue to learn Chassidus and Smicha in the Me’arat Machpela, while expanding their efforts with soldiers – including manning the tefillin booth in the Me’arah to make it available all hours of the day.

A few slots are still available. Contact for more info.

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