For the 12th year, and only the second time in Ulam Yitzhak, Chabad rocked Hebron for Hakafos Shnios. Joined by Jews from all over Israel, Chabad of Hebron filled the holy hall with simcha, l’chaim, and tons of dancing.

Following a Simchas Torah loaded with joyful dancing, singing, and farbrengning that was fueled by more than 200 guests, the buses began pouring in from all over Israel for the annual Hakafos Shnios – when Eretz Yisrael dances again to be in harmony with Jews everywhere outside of Israel.

Accompanied by special guest singer Mendy Gerufi, the crowd of nearly 2,000 sang and danced along with the Avos and Ima’os deep into the night, hanging onto the holiness of Simchas Torah.


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