lag_bomer_71_circle_smlOver one hundred years ago, the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rebbe Rashab, appealed to his Chassidim in Hevron to buy the right to light the main Lag b’Omer bonfire in Hevron on his behalf. Following this tradition, Chabad of Hebron sponsors the Lag B’Omer festivities in Hevron annually.

In addition to the traditional torchlight parade from the Machpela to the top of Mount Hebron, the community enjoyed the fireworks and the children loved the barbeque and were thrilled with the band of hired drummers who added to the lively atmosphere.

Our dear friend Moshe C. Wax of Yerushalayim was honored with lighting the fire that shone over the entire city of Hevron, spreading the light of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai and illuminating the pockets of darkness around us.

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