Every year on Shabbat Chayei Sarah, tens of thousands of Jewish people from around the world come to Hebron. During the Shabbat , Parshat Chayei Sarah, the story of the Patriarch Abraham purchasing the Cave of Machpela as a burial place for his wife, Sarah, is read. Guests sleep in people’s homes, floors of classrooms, and pretty much anywhere they can find a spot. Some people even pitch tents just to be in Hebron for the special occasion.

The recurring challenge each year is being certain that the tens of thousands of visitors have all three Shabbat meals properly arranged.

This year, thanks to an anonymous sponsor, a Chabad Chassid, who shares the passion that the Rebbe had for Hebron, every visitor will be able to find three, delicious, home cooked Shabbat meals in a massive 26,000 sq. foot tent outside the Machepla. And what’s more, this will all be provided for FREE! All these meals are being hosted by Chabad of Hebron.

Of course, when we’re talking about Avraham Avinu, a host par excellence, and Chabad of Hebron coming together, we’re surely not talking about a simple meal. It’ll be a meal that will make Avraham Avinu proud and will ensure that all our guests are satisfied!

If you, or anyone you know, will be in the Holy Land and is looking for an amazing and inspiring experience, sign up today by visiting www.2hebron.co.il


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