On Teves 5, Rabbi Danny and Batsheva celebrated the Bar Mitzvah (in the same place where he had his bris) of their son Menny. Many called it their ‘pilot Bar Mitzvah’ as Rabbi Danny and Batsheva have quite a few sons coming up in the ranks.

One can plan almost every detail of one’s affair. However, Hashem often has His own plans, which was the case for the Cohen Bar Mitzvah. That day was the stormiest of the decade! Nonetheless, hundreds of people managed to get to Hebron to celebrate.
The simcha and joy was unbounded all night. Aside from the band, there were singers at the Bar Mitzvah, personal friends of Rabbi Danny – Shlomo Katz, Mordechai Yitzhar, Sinai Tor and Rabbi Asi Speigel. During the night, they got up on stage and presto – the evening became an unforgettable music festival!

Rabbi Markowitz, educator par excellence who hails from Monsey, came in for the Bar Mitzvah. He farbrenged with Menny’s class long into the night. Check out the pictures to get a feel of the night. When’s the wedding?


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