Wow, things are really happening here at Chabad of Hebron and we just wanted to give you a little update. 🙂

We are happy to announce that our student volunteer program is already in full swing. With coffee rounds in the wee hours of the morning, Tefillin and cold drinks during the day, 24/7 tending to our soldiers physical and spiritual needs.


With Rosha Hashana and Yom Kippur behind us we are gearing up for Sukkot, with 18 Sukkahs and 80 Lulav and Esrog sets we are ready for the hundreds of soldiers and the tens of thousands of visitors that will be visiting Hevron over the holiday.


Like every year we will be celebrating Hakafos Shniyos (2nd night Hakafos celebration) in the Yitzchak hall of the Mearat Hamachpela that is closed for Jews Year round. We invite all those who will be in the holy land for the holdiay to come and join us, Motzei Simchas Torah, Monday night (Oct. 24) staring at 9 p.m. Looking forward to seeing you all!
For more details and transportation options feel free to contact us by email phone or whatsapp +972-50-5752225


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