hakafot hebronThe joy and dancing of Hebron’s Simchat Torah flowed right into an unbelievable Hakafot Shniyot celebration. Closed to Jews most of the year, the Yitchak Hall was open for the experience for only the second time, and it was packed. Buses headed in from all over Israel.

Hakafot Shniyot is when Eretz Yisrael dances again to be in harmony with Jews everywhere outside of Israel (who are celebrating the second day of Yom Tov). And this year was greater than ever. Just look at the pictures! Special guest singer Mendy Gerufi stirred and wowed the crowd of nearly 2,000 to sing and dance with the Avot and Ima’ot late into the night. With Jews, Torahs, l’chaims, and smiles everywhere, the holiness of Simchat Torah could still be felt.

From Hakafot Shniyot’s humble beginnings in 1975, when the Rebbe spoke of the power and importance of Hebron, it’s clear Jewish ownership, and inspired his Chassidim to imagine they were dancing hakafot in Hebron in a sign of support, it has truly grown into a source of pride for all of Hebron, and a not-to-be-missed event. What a great way to sum up Tishrei and jump into the year!



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