Terror attacks and heroes

Mordechai Hellinger   07/07/2016   Comments

13-Year old, Hallel Ariel from Kiryat Arba was butchered in her bed by an Arab terrorist, and Rabbi Mark, director of the Otniel yeshiva was shot on the road in front of his family.  The first responder to the Ariel home was our long time friend Shuki Gilboa, who charged the terrorist and killed him, in the process he was… Read more »

Shavuot Report

Mordechai Hellinger   06/13/2016   Comments

Ding ding ding ding!! A record has been broken in Hebron! This Shavuot, our amazing Rebbetzin, Batsheva made 6 types of cheesecakes for the soldiers stationed in the area! SIX! And every last one was incredible, of course! Over Shavuot, we were honored to host Rabbi Ami Pykovsky, a former Israeli soccer player, turned rabbi off the Beitar Jerusalem soccer… Read more »

Massive hakhel/pre Shavuot event

Mordechai Hellinger   06/10/2016   Comments

In accordance with the Rebbe’s initiative to gather together in the spirit of Hakhel, Chabad of Hebron held a special gathering for children in Mearas Hamachpeila. The event was right before Shavuos as the Rebbe stressed the importance of gathering Jewish children together in holy places, especially by Mearas Hamachpeila. Nearly 20 busloads of children from Hebron, Kiryat Arba and… Read more »

Thank You Givati

Zalman Nelson   03/09/2016   Comments

Just recently, the Givati Brigade who have been protecting Hebron and the surrounding area, departed for their next assignment. We know their six-month tour here was not easy, considering the recent wave of violence and terrorism and we thank them for their service.   During their time here, with all the craziness, the Givati members still managed to make time… Read more »

Rabbi Danny in Miluim

Zalman Nelson   03/09/2016   Comments

Our very own director, Rabbi Danny Cohen! That’s right, Rabbi Danny, who himself served as a member of the Givati Brigade, serves as an IDF Reserve Soldier in troubled times like these. During his time in the field on reserve duty, Rabbi Danny can often be seen smiling and enjoying the opportunity to protect the holy land, and to go… Read more »

24 of Shvat, Rebbetzin Menucha’s Yahrtzeit

Zalman Nelson   03/09/2016   Comments

Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel Slonim immigrated to Hebron in 1845. Together with her husband, she was sent to lead the flourishing Chabad community that was growing. On the 24th of Shevat (February 3rd), her Yahrtzeit was marked with a record-breaking crowd, with busloads joining from many Chabad communities around Israel. The visiting crowd gathered at the Kever, followed by a community… Read more »