Last time we heard from Peace NOW they were stirring up a media storm about a Mezuzah going up in Hebron. With the next round of the peace pipe they charged Chabad of Hebron with storing menorahs, books and other Mivtzaim material in an abandoned storefront on land owned by Jews since before the 1967 liberation – but was leased to an Arab by the Jewish government.

There are a number of empty store fronts in Hebron. Danny cleaned one out and stored material that he uses for the soldiers. In their dedicated efforts to bring peace to the region a Peace NOW spy saw the material and reported it to the police. The police told Danny that he could not use the storefront and he took all his material to warehouse in Kiryat Arba. End of story… not!

Peace Now pressed charges against Danny and he had to hire a lawyer and go through the court system. In his defense, a number of high ranking army officers, who had witnessed Danny’s dedication to the soldiers, wrote letters attesting to his good character and solid citizenship.

Danny was found guilty as charged. Yes, he did have Mivztaim (Jewish educational) outreach material in an empty storefront. But he also removed them the first time he was told to by the police. Danny guilty – but the conviction was dropped. Didan Notzach. Moshiach NOW!


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