Pesach SedersWhat an amazing Pesach in Hebron this year – our 10th year making IDF seders for the local on-duty soldiers. Although away from their families and bravely protecting the Jewish people, we made them feel at home by their spiritual Parents – Avraham and Sara – and connected to the majestic history, tradition, and heritage marked by the Pesach seder. Two stations worked overtime running several shifts of seders just to handle the demand and the on-duty schedules. A source of personal pride: one base was covered by Rabbinic students led by Rabbi Danny and Batsheva Cohen’s 15-year-old son, Menny. The base commanders were grateful and expressed their appreciation in light of the difficulties the soldiers faced calming Arab riots in the week before Pesach as well as on Pesach. Despite the tough, frustrating time and the smell of tear gas that lingered in the air for days, the soldiers joyfully celebrated the Exodus from Egypt.

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