levingerChabad of Hebron joins the Jewish world in mourning the passing of Rabbi Moshe Levinger, founder of the modern-day Jewish community in Hebron. Levinger, who was just a week shy of his 80th birthday, was laid to rest in Hebron.

Following the 6 Days War in 1967, Rabbi Levinger worked tirelessly on behalf of the restoration of Hebron’s Jewish community and pushed for Jews to populate Judea and Samaria. He was a supporter of Chabad efforts, encouraging Chabad of Hebron from it’s start, and advocating for the the global Chabad community to deepen their connection with Hebron. He received special encouragement from the Rebbe, including a long yechidus private meeting in 1981, in which the Rebbe encouraged and authorised him to make use of the Chabad properties in Hebron.

Here’s a video in which the Rebbe sends blessings to Rabbi Levinger.

Our condolences to the entire extended Levinger family, including Kiryat Arba Mayor, Malachi Levinger, and long-time resident and close friend, Shlomo Levinger. May Rabbi Levinger’s soul take comfort and draw strength from the continued building of Hebron and Israel.

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