20140617_182923For days, the Jewish people worldwide were unified in prayer, setting their sights on the Hebron region as the search for the three kidnapped boys continued. As hundreds of soldiers continued to pour in to join the effort, so did your support. The overwhelming response to our Pizza 4 The Soldiers Campaign enjoyed your incredible help, as did the soldiers – to the tune of 387 pizza pies delivered!

That’s a lot of soldiers feeling cared about and appreciated for the incredible work and great self-sacrifice they do for the land of Israel and the Jewish people. You did it! You made a major difference and enabled us to provide the needed Chabad warmth, care, and inspiration when it was needed most. On behalf of all the soldiers we thank you for your assistance.

While the search unfortunately ended in terrible tragedy, and our hearts and prayers are with the devastated families, our effort continues. Most of the soldiers that were sent to Hebron for the search then boarded buses for Gaza to prepare for an imminent ground strike. Even the soldiers who are stationed in our city were taken to Gaza and replaced by younger guys

And guess where the Chabad Hebron Ratz Team is? Right with them near Gaza. Knowing that the soldiers are camping out near the border with minimum supplies, our team decided to follow up and find the units that we met in hebron. To date, we have already made three trips to the front, delivering extra food, helpful supplies, and a strong sense to our troops that they are very appreciated. We’re planning more of these encouragement visits, to deliver pizzas, chocolates and goodies, warm clothing, and toiletries…and of course a Chabad smile and Tefilin!

Now, more than ever, the soldiers need to feel us behind them. You can join the effort by clicking below and supporting Chabad of Hebron as it joins the soldiers on the Gaza front.

Click here and help support the IDF in Gaza


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