They came and came and came to Hebron for Parshas Chayei Sarah. Half of the people came from all parts of Israel. The other half came from all over the world – from as far away as Florida and California.

Friday night services were rocking in Ma’arat HaMachpela. The meals were packed with people and following the dinner Hebron became one huge farbrengen. In the Chabad House through the night people kept came to farbreng and sing beautiful niggunim with Victor Atiya on the Chabad House porch. Later, people marched up the hill to farbreng with Baruch Marzel.

On Shabbos day after services over 120 people congregated on the Chabad house porch. At one point, everyone got up and there was a spontaneous dance!

Later that afternoon Danny gave a fast and furious tour of the Kasbah in Hebron.

When Shabbos was over the guests took a quick shower before leaving for the grand Melave Malka on the Maon Hilltop.


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