The astonishing crowd of 2,500 guests in the massive Chabad tent with catered Shabbat meals was not the full extent of our “guest list.” As a result of the excitement of the publicity of this huge tent and the plans for 3 lavish Shabbat meals, thanks to the unimaginable generosity of our anonymous donor, there were another 1,000 guests who showed up after the registration was closed. We put up another huge tent to feed those guests… since, of course, our desire was to mirror the very highest level of hachnasat orchim, that of Avraham Avinu!


Being that it is the 50th year celebrating the liberation of Hebron, it was entirely appropriate that it was commemorated by such a stupendous turnout. Hebron’s year-round residents truly felt this was a perfect reflection of such an important anniversary.


As always, a picture is worth a thousand words, so please enjoy these pictures… just a small taste of this historic Shabbat!


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