CH1Despite Rabbi Danny’s absence while on the mend, the Chabad of Hebron team was busy making sure not a single soldier was left behind when it came to hearing shofar. Rabbi Naimark, current Rabbinic intern Menachem Rappaport, and the Cohen’s oldest two sons, Menny and Shai, covered every post, base, and corner of Hebron to help soldiers fulfill the mitzvah of hearing the toots of the shofar. For the second night of Rosh HaShana, the bases closed their kitchens and nearly 100 soldiers piled into the Chabad of Hebron porch for a joyous holiday meal and celebration. Sponsored by our dear friends Avraham and Miriam Hammer, who fly in from New York every year to be with us for Rosh Hashshana, the festive meal was meant to show gratitude to the efforts and work of the soldiers. And what better time to do it? On Rosh HaShana, the entire world connects to Hebron via shofar, which is blown in coronation of G-d as King. The reason we use a shofar is because it recalls the merit of Yitzhak who was willing to be sacrificed for G-d, and a ram (whose horns are commonly used for shofars) was sent in his place. Thank you soldiers who guard Yitzhak today, and make it possible for us all to visit him.


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