We did it again! We found another soldier who never before donned Tefillin and made him a Bar Mitzvah. At the minyan near Kever Ishai and Ruth near his base, Ofek Tzukerman put on Tefillin for the first time and was called up to the Torah. All his fellow soldiers came out of the base to join in the dancing and singing, and joined in some refreshments. Later that day, the Fishman family from Los Angeles, along with 50 guests, came to Hebron to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of their son Yakov (Jakey). They toured one of the bases, enjoyed a BBQ, and the place erupted in song and dance. Ofek tzukerman joined in the party until he got called away in the middle of the party to attend to a security issue in the Arab section of the city. Don’t worry. Everyone was safe and the party continued in his absence.



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