When our long time friend Berel Sugar heard that this year there was a drastic decline in expected visitors to Hebron for Shabbat Chaye Sarah, he immediately sprung into action. Berel reached out to our friends Asher Goldstein and Mendy Simon and arranged to travel to Israel to spend Shabbat in Hebron.

For the group, this wasn’t just about coming to Hebron to eat the famous Rabbi Danny’s Cholent (although that it in itself is worth coming for). The trip, from the moment they arrived, was filled with spreading life and love. From hospital to hospital the team visited soldiers and civilians wounded in the recent attacks, giving each a special card with a message from the Rebbe, a microfilm Chitas card and an envelope with a bit of financial aid for the families going through this hard time.

After visiting hours the group traveled to the local bases and hosted barbeques and gave out more cards. On Friday each Hebron household received a personal card together with a gift expressing the appreciation of the worldwide jewish family.

For the families in Hebron, and of those who were injured, Berel’s message of “We came from America just to say we love you” was really something.

Thank you guys for adding some sugar to the lemonade 🙂

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