Ratz Chabad Reinforcements

This summer, Chabad of Hebron brought in the reserves to work with our very popular Ratz Chabad program. Moishe Bell and Yosef David, who are spending their own vacation time in Hebron, have been volunteering as members of the Ratz Chabad team, bringing physical support and spiritual guidance to our local troops.

Bar Mitzvah Celebrations in Hebron

Last month, Chabad of Hebron hosted two families for incredible, back-to-back Bar Mitzvah Celebrations! For both families, the Mintzs and Andrusiers, Hebron was not just a location for a Bar Mitzvah but rather, it also served as a spiritual backdrop for the two young men as they start their journey as Jewish adults.

To make the experience even more meaningful, the local Jewish community and the the IDF soldiers patrolling the area, were invited to take part in the celebrations!

Andrusier Hebron Bar Mitzva Mintz Hebron Bar Mitzva

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