AfsxUWMKUSC_vgvTR9ng9OcO9pqwG4X_5dMICfeIjYI,chd0w5bk-rW3Y9dcsL0ikSdFNzp9B2ayVoFs19IIKmYNorth Miami Beach, Florida, native Liba Tenenbaum recently celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with Chabad of Hebron. After a tour of Hebron, Liba, her parents Zusha and Shulamis – long time friends of Chabad of Hebron – and relatives were joined by 60 female soldiers bussed in from their regional bases. Chabad’s new Kiryat Arba Beis Chaya Mushka Center hosted a celebration that included a dynamic, multi-faceted program coordinated by Shlucha, Mrs. Batsheva Cohen, on the unique mitzvot fulfilled by women. They enjoyed hands-on programs in challah baking, candlestick making, and discussions of the uniqueness of the Jewish woman.

The Bat Mitzvah girl spoke about what the day meant to her, and how it felt to not only celebrate the moment in Israel, but also share the event with Israeli soldiers. She was followed by the commander of the womens’ unit who described the inspiring and supportive relationship she’s developed with Mrs. Cohen in the past two years and how much she appreciate the increased morale among the soldiers generated by Chabad of Hebron’s events for women and Mrs. Cohen’s outreach efforts.

And then it was time to dance, with a live band of female-only musicians. It was an unforgettable and beautiful Bat Mitzvah celebration.



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