Despite the situation that you hear in the news, we still invite all to come and visit us in Hebron! Over the past few months we have had quite a number of visiting groups that have received the full VIP Hebron tour by our in-house guide, Rabbi Mordechai Hellinger.

Arrange your secure and inspiring visit today by contacting Rabbi Mordechai at

On the 24th of Shevat (Feb. 3) the anniversary of the passing of Rebetzen Menucha Rochel is observed. We will be holding our annual event at the grave site and followed by a farbrengen.

This year Chabad of Hebron is investing a lot of effort and funds that this year’s presence will be bigger and stronger than ever before. If you happen to be in the country please join us and show your support, for more info please contact R’ Mordechai.

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